MORDigital is a lexicographic project that aims to produce digital versions of the first three editions (1789; 1813; 1823) of the Diccionario da Lingua Portugueza by António de Morais Silva.


OntoDomLab-Math is a domain label ontology focused on MATHEMATICS and its subdomains. It has been developed within the project MORDigital – Digitisation of Diccionario da Lingua Portugueza by António de

About the Project

The main goal of MORDigital is to encode the selected editions of Diccionario de Lingua Portugueza by António de Morais Silva, first published in 1789. The Morais dictionary represents a great legacy, since it marks the beginning of Portuguese dictionaries, having served as a model for all subsequent lexicographic production throughout the 19th and 20th centuries.

MORDigital follows a new paradigm in lexicography, which results from the convergence between lexicography, terminology, computational linguistics, and ontologies as an integral part of digital humanities and linked (open) data, aligned with the FAIR principles.

In the Portuguese context, this research fills a gap with regard to searchable online retrodigitised dictionaries, built on current standards and methodologies which promote data sharing and harmonisation, namely TEI Lex-0, LMF and Ontolex-Lemon. The team will further ensure the connection to other existing systems and lexical resources, particularly in the Portuguese-speaking world.



Rute Costa

Responsible Researcher

President of NOVA CLUNL. Linguist specialised in lexicology, lexicography and terminology. Areas of expertise: knowledge organization; digital humanities.

Sara Carvalho

Sara Carvalho

Responsible Co-Researcher

Linguist specialised in lexicology, lexicography and terminology. Researcher at NOVA CLUNL and CLLC-UA. Areas of expertise: ontologies; linguistic linked data.

Ana Salgado


Lexicographer and coordinator of ACL’s lexicographic projects. Researcher at NOVA CLUNL. Areas of expertise: lexicography, digital humanities; data modelling.